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Guidance Office

High School Scheduling/Enrollment Information

Bryan Station     Dunbar       Frederick Douglass

Henry Clay       Lafayette      Tates Creek

Who are my counselors?

Students with last names A to L -- Lolita Cartwright

Students with last names M to Z --   John Viera

Youth Service Center Coordinator -- Takara Jones

Mental Health Specialist/Social Worker -- Kay Jackson

How can I talk to them? 

Because of the volume of people in the front office, you can now sign up online for a counseling  appointment or a Youth Service Center appointment with Ms. Jones.  You will be called when it is time for your appointment. Click the link here to request to see one of them.

LTMS Parent Learning Compact

The Learning Compact represents the commitment of the school and home in order to create a partnership to provide an educational environment that ensures success for all students. This is an invitation to be involved in a partnership with your child’s school. Thanks in advance for working together to achieve success.

Click the link here to access the compact.

Bullying & Harassment

Is someone bullying or harassing you? Click here to report it and get help.

Guidance Staff

  • John Viera

What Do Counselors Do?

  • Gains understanding of your child's behavior through observation and participation in the classroom to help identify their needs.

  • Intervenes with potential dropouts.

  • Helps students relate to others.

  • Provides counsel to teachers and parents so that they can better help their children and students.

  • Helps parents find and make better use of community resources.

  • Identify student abilities, achievement, interests, and needs.

  • Utilize other school specialists to aid students in their growing process.

  • Coordinates referrals to outside agencies.

  • Hosts and facilitate parent discussion groups.

  • Helps with school, college, job, career, and personal plans.